Piano Moves

Piano removals are an extremely specialist job, and hardly ever straight forward. As each home and even piano is different so is the job itself. Many factors need to be accounted such as weight, size and most viable route in and out of a building.

Every member of the team is fully trained to be able to supply these services for our clients, with sufficient experience to guarantee not only the safe handling of your piano, but also to avoid any damage to property.

We would first start by preparing a plan for your approval, on the day of the move we would start by removing the lid, pedals and key covers. Then the cover and legs are removed and the piano is prepared for the move. Our fully trained staff will ensure the utmost care is taken and that the piano is set back up for us at its new home which is all fully insured.

We provide a professional and quality piano removal service so why not call today for a free quotation.

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